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Our Process

With all the rain we get during the winter months in Metro Vancouver, a significant number of water related floods are actually caused by water ingress from the exterior of the building into the interior.

Circle Restoration Ltd. has a dedicated department that specializes in investigating, pin pointing the source of the water ingress and then solving the ingress issue by repairing the building envelope or the membrane system surrounding the affected unit(s). By doing so, the homeowner can be back to a normal living situation within weeks instead of months.

Our Expertise

Circle Restoration’s Red Sealed carpenters undertake waterproofing repairs to remedy and prevent moisture penetration. We manage moisture penetration above and below grade resulting from deteriorated, failed or cracked substrates such as concrete walls, block walls, parking garage decks, terrace decks, planter boxes & building envelope cavities. Waterproofing repairs involve the removal of the existing waterproofing systems, surface preparation and application of any number of waterproofing systems. All of our Carpenters are certified by some of the top waterproof membrane suppliers in the lower mainland like Soprema and Duradek to install a wide variety of waterproofing and damproofing systems.

Common materials and systems include insulation, hot-applied fibre re-enforced bituminous waterproofing, membrane systems, pvc vinyl membranes, traffic bearing coating systems and pedestrian-bearing coating systems.

Our Experience

Circle Restoration specializes in many building envelope systems, including rain screen systems, Hardie siding or remediation of an older existing building envelope system. From walls to windows, doors, flashings and trims. Installation of new through slab drainage systems. Circle Restoration will make your building water proof for years to come.

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